Connecting for Change brings together innovators from the business, social and philanthropic sectors to build connections and understanding about how to work together to create sustained social change, thus a more compassionate and peaceful world.

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Key Themes from 2009 C4C Participant Reflective Questions

Before joining Connecting for Change, participants received weekly newsletters that contained reflective questions.

Following is a high level summary of 100 responses to the 7 questions that were posed.

1. Right now, what is the one thing that matters deeply to you? (29 responses)


  • Creating a voice beyond boundaries
  • Educating the world’s children
  • Re-humanizing the learning process
  • Re-connecting (students, others) with their curiosity and with each other
  • Developing collaborative, connected relationships
  • Creating ways, containers for deep change through small actions
  • Partnerships
  • The interconnectedness of all
  • Cultivating tolerance, acceptance & open hearts
  • Living mindfully, honorably and generously
  • Expansion of capacity to love, ourselves and others
  • Empowerment
  • The wholeness of humankind
  • Developing sustainable solutions through systemic change
  • Overcoming divisions
  • The heart of compassion
  • How do we make peace possible?
  • Sharing and learning from experiences

2. What is the one question that you would like to explore with others at the Dialogue (or pose to His Holiness the Dalai Lama)? (19 responses)


  • How do we deal with the issues of poverty?
  • Specific ways to address anger, greed, avarice, with Love?
  • How can different sectors, religions, cultures move beyond perceived divides to truly collaborate?
  • How do we create a sense of interconnectedness?
  • How can we as individuals be the best instruments for change?
  • How do we bring about a global consciousness toward peace, awareness and freedom from suffering?
  • How do we become agents of peace?
  • What can be done to bridge the divide between different idealogies?
  • What direction can be given to enhance humanity’s capacity for life promoting action?

3. In your own personal learning journey, what do you consider to be your “growing edge” (something you are currently being challenged to learn)? (13 responses)


  • Sharpening awareness and softening the heart
  • Deepening “presentness”
  • Exploration of how to bring the teachings of compassion, mindfulness and joy to a younger and wider audience
  • Expanding my spiritual path – integrating spirit into work, relationships and all interactions
  • The delicate balance of letting go and trusting the process
  • To rest in the still point, to sit in my center
  • To listen deeply
  • Balance – between action and simplicity
  • Stretching my capacity to love unconditionally – myself and others
  • Re-inventing myself
  • Surrender

4. What is the intention you have for being part of the Connecting for Change dialogue? (13 responses)


  • To listen deeply and openly
  • To ask questions, be curious
  • To share openly
  • To learn from others
  • To expand the possibilities
  • To expand my way of thinking
  • To create personal transformation in self, others and the world
  • To be affected and inspired
  • To collaborate
  • To work more effectively across sectors & “bring on the bold”
  • To have no agenda
  • To say YES!

5. What request, of all other participants, do you have that would help optimize the value of the Connecting for Change experience? (9 responses)


  • To share your practice, unique talents and gifts
  • That we greet each other as old friends
  • To work heart to heart
  • To be open to all views
  • Open heart, open mind
  • To be affected & curious
  • To listen honestly
  • To sit empty with no agenda
  • To invite/experience emergence
  • To be voraciously inquisitive
  • To unite at the “soular” level

6. What led you to accept the invitation to attend C4C? (9 responses)


  • The unique opportunity to yield special conversations with people sincerely committed to a dialogue
  • A deep feeling that this group has the ability to imagine possibilities for the world – to be innovative and design actions to co-create future possibilities
  • To be surrounded by people who want to make a difference in the world
  • Simply, I’m committed to decreasing pain in the areas of my influence, to assist in the healing of my own wounds and others
  • To have the opportunity to grow and discover
  • To be in the presence of HHDL, luminaries and other participants to enrich my knowledge
  • A meeting with Dawna Markova – synchronicity
  • Meeting Charles Holmes

7. What are the leadership transformations we need to make to build organizations and communities we can all be proud of? (8 responses)


  • To increase the flow of love and decrease the thrall of fear
  • To be fully responsible personally for the well-being of his/her own body
  • Cooperative mind-set, boundary crossing collaborations & compelling visions that excite people and ignite/sustain the fire of transformation
  • Empathy for others who are disadvantaged as well as assistance to help them achieve their goals
  • Deep listening, combined with decision making inclusion and a passion to move people forward
  • To continuously strive to keep improving and transforming ourselves
  • Lead from the heart, lead by example by living the change they wish to see in the world
  • Creating a space for people to be real, to be see
  • Creating coveted spaces to motivate people – transforming those “retreat” moments into business as usual
  • Mastery of reflective practice