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Pivot Legal Society and Mountain Equipment Coop Exploring A Joint Venture

During an animated discussion about the alignment of corporate mandates and social engagement, Mountain Equipment Coop CEO Peter Robinson and Pivot Legal Society Executive Director John Richardson recognized a distinctive way their businesses could intersect, to serve their shared value in making a difference for those in need.

The basic idea was roughly sketched out on a piece of paper that that John shared with Peter of a blanket. Not just any blanket, a blanket inscribed with plain-English statements of the laws and services relevant to people in housing crisis or living on the street, a blanket that would be distributed to the homeless. The blanket was Pivot's vision for a practical and educational tool in the campaign against homelessness-a core constituency of John's organization.

Although MEC traditionally focuses on environmental causes, Peter knows that his products - rugged, all-weather gear, including blankets - are just as effective in protecting people from the elements in an urban as in a wilderness setting. Peter showed the sketch to the head of MEC Buying and Design, who picked up the torch with a keen interest, and now the two organizations are working together to expand upon and implement the idea.