Connecting for Change brings together innovators from the business, social and philanthropic sectors to build connections and understanding about how to work together to create sustained social change, thus a more compassionate and peaceful world.

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Comments from Peter Senge, Peter Block and Peter Koestenbaum

Many conversations have occurred amongst the organizers of the Connecting for Change dialogue. A question that has been on our minds is: “What is the potential that can come from the dialogue that was begun in Vancouver?” Peter Block, Peter Senge and Peter Koestenbaum each offer some thoughts:

Peter Senge

What we started with the Connecting for Change gathering is important to nurture and continue. I hope that the Dalai Lama Center for Peace and Education can find ways to stay in touch with the networks that started to form at the event to make connections visible to others. There were many gifted change leaders in the room, and many others who were invited and wanted to be there but could not work out the scheduling. This is an enormous resource for giving shape and reality to the vision behind the Dalai Lama Center. We should not think we have to "make something new happen." There is so much good work already happening and great value in nurturing the networks among these social and business innovators.

My bias is toward collaborative projects where people are working to bring educating the heart into practical and very difficult contexts, both to support deep and ongoing change and to share more widely what they learn. I believe a Center like this is ultimately known for what people do rather than what they talk about, and the qualities of results they achieve.

Peter Block

The ultimate potential of Connecting for Change is to create a boundary crossing network of relationships of people who are committed to finding cooperative ways to care for the environment and reduce human suffering caused by poverty, displacement and violence. In the most immediate way, this will occur if the Dalai Lama Center can bring together people who otherwise would never have been connected with each other. The special context of compassion and understanding upon which the Center is founded is the asset that can make this possible. Anything short of reducing human suffering and caring for the earth will result in simply a well funded, celebrity oriented conference place which undertakes a few interesting projects.

Peter Koestenbaum

How do we maintain the energy? Commitment needs constant renewal. That is everyman's responsibility. It is the admission ticket for being on this Earth. Connecting for Change is one solution. A key component of this is the effective design to pair deeply diverse segments of society. The truth is an integrated holistic fourfold bottom line: social responsibility, ecological sustainability, end of war, and bottom-line profits. They are one single activity, and manifest themselves, positively or negatively, in all we do. The foundation lies in logical clarity about the free will with which each of us is born and enlarging the responsible use of that ubiquitous God-like capacity and competence. The Dalai Lama Center exists to make this point, entrenched in the core of our being, not only theoretically but also practically.