Connecting for Change brings together innovators from the business, social and philanthropic sectors to build connections and understanding about how to work together to create sustained social change, thus a more compassionate and peaceful world.

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I was blown away by the audacious dreams that have come true for so many of the Connecting for Change participants. The common desire amongst business and social sector leaders to be helpful and participate in meaningful change is so inspiring!”
— Silken Laumann, Canadian Olympian, Speaker and Author (Child’s Play: Rediscovering the Joy of Play in Our Families and Communities)

By Dawna Markova , Ph.d., CEO of Professional Thinking Partners LLC

“Stories are our nearest and dearest way of understanding our lives and finding our way onward.” --Ursula LeGuin

I’ve been told that as it is about to shed its skin, its eyes turn milky white, leaving it temporarily blind. The creature then withdraws into the familiar darkness of its burrow to wait. It begins the shedding process by rubbing its nose against rocks or other hard objects to start the separation of the old layer from its lips, then opens its mouth very wide, as if to scream. The snake literally crawls out of the old skin that was restricting its growth.

By Margaret Wheatley, Co-founder and President Emerita of the Berkana Institute © 2008

Hope and fear have been in the news and in our experience a great deal of late.  President Obama’s election was heralded everywhere as the triumph of hope over fear.  We had watched for years as the future disappeared under disabling clouds of fear.  And then suddenly, we again could see the sky, bright with hope and the possibility of change.  But since that glowing dawn of last November, the world’s dilemmas and terrors have cast their long shadows.

If the world were 100 people, what would it look like?

"In preparation for our dialogue in Vancouver, the 100 People Foundation invites you to view this unique perspective of our planet and the people with whom we share it.  As you will see from this work—it is the children of the world who are introducing us to the people of the world.   Join cinematographer Carolyn Jones’ fascinating look at the planet through the eyes of our children—to promote empathy and peace globally." - Brad Davis, Ambassador, 100 People Foundation