Connecting for Change brings together innovators from the business, social and philanthropic sectors to build connections and understanding about how to work together to create sustained social change, thus a more compassionate and peaceful world.

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I hope that the Dalai Lama Center creates an environment that generates within people a true understanding of the value, joy and fulfillment of seeking a life of compassion and meaning. My sense is that the Connecting for Change dialogue was a great example of what the Center can be and stand for.”
— Rud Browne, CEO, Ryzex (an Inc 50 Company)
During an animated discussion about the alignment of corporate mandates and social engagement, Mountain Equipment Coop CEO Peter Robinson and Pivot Legal Society Executive Director John Richardson recognized a distinctive way their businesses could intersect, to serve their shared value in making a difference for those in need.

The basic idea was roughly sketched out on a piece of paper that that John shared with Peter of a blanket. Not just any blanket, a blanket inscribed with plain-English statements of the laws and services relevant to people in housing crisis or living on the street, a blanket that would be distributed to the homeless. The blanket was Pivot's vision for a practical and educational tool in the campaign against homelessness-a core constituency of John's organization.