Connecting for Change brings together innovators from the business, social and philanthropic sectors to build connections and understanding about how to work together to create sustained social change, thus a more compassionate and peaceful world.

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Visual Facilitation at Connecting for Change 2009

Mariah Howard and Avril Orloff visually facilitated the Connecting for Change Dialogue.

On visual facilitation, Mariah and Avril shared the following: “They say a picture is worth a thousand words - and graphic recorders work on creating the "big picture" both literally and figuratively, combining words with pictures, symbols and other imagery to create a visual representation of ideas as they unfold in dialogues, meetings and other live conversations. The value of graphic recording goes well beyond the "wow" factor of creating a pretty picture. When a meeting or presentation is visually mapped, our very process of thinking becomes visible. We see our ideas take shape, and we see the relationships among them, enabling us to draw connections and build on each other’s ideas. We also gain clarity from imagery. Many people are visual learners, so seeing a picture of our conversations helps us better understand what we’re talking about. It also shows very clearly where we’ve created shared meaning and understanding around a concept, and creates a composite picture that reflects the collective intelligence in the room. At the end of the day, the visual maps act as time keepers, preserving a record of the key ideas and questions that emerged. The maps create a direct route back through the flow of the conversation, allowing people to revisit and re-engage with those ideas, and to share them with others who weren’t present. Thus, the graphic records sow the seeds for future dialogue by opening up another way to continue the conversation."

The Invitation

Emerging Questions



Cafe Harvest

Learning Journey

Janice R. Levine, PhD

MedWish International, Ambassador

These artistic renditions of the flow of our dialogue are soo beautiful. Thank you Avril and Mariah. I've printed them all and cherish being able to evoke the spirit of co-creating this visual treatise together.